Peiris Consulting is a unique business consultancy firm that combines scientific evidence with best practice strategies to deliver turnkey solutions for your business. Our firm is grounded by its founder Shehan Peiris in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, with the unique experience of our team across a diversity of business sectors.

Shehan is trained as a Psychologist, specialised with a Masters of Organisational Psychology. The examples of research he has completed include mental health and well being in the workplace as well as factors that influence turnover in organisations. The sound research knowledge that he brings to each business gives him the competitive edge over other consulting firms. Shehan has an extensive practical knowledge of the Organisational Psychology domain including the development of large-scale psychological interventions in the workplace.

Peiris Consulting is experienced in implementing change management initiatives that involve engaging all staff at varying levels in the organisation. Peiris Consulting has worked on a number of high-level organisational initiatives with companies such as AP Psychology and Consulting to deliver programs such as Motivational Interactions to organisations in the compensable injury sector. Through Vicpsychplus Shehan has supported the business in pioneering a National child protection strategy, which completes pre-employment assessments for all youth servicing organisations to reduce the likelihood of a sex offender working with children. As a Business & Career Coach Peiris Consulting has helped businesses and individuals’ maximise their potential. Our coaching services have also supported international businesses enter the Australian market and supported the development of Australian Business in Asia.

The commonality amongst the diversity of service we offer is the unique business relationships we form with our clients, as we aspire to inspire growth and development.

“Our mission is supporting you in achieving your vision. We work for you, with you and within your business to deliver simple, smart and sustainable solutions”.

Shehan_PeirisShehan Peiris
Founder|Managing Director