Organisational Development Projects


Peiris Consulting has assisted AP Psychology & Consulting Services design and develop the Motivational Interactions Program as a strategy to effectively manage injured workers with barriers to work and life.

Motivational Interactions is a perspective, which is widely recognised as an important engagement and retention strategy for people working in a case management capacity- working with a range of client needs pertaining to change, ambivalence, motivation, development and return to work.

This program is now in it’s third year of delivery and has been accepted as one of the leading practices in managing behaviour change in the compensable injury space. The program has evolved to a national strategy and will be delivered across every State and Territory in Australia with the support of each compensable injury scheme in 2013.

For more information please see AP Psychology and Consulting Services.


Peiris Consulting has assisted the Team at Vicpsychplus in introducing one of the most revolutionary child protection instruments of our time into Australia. The Diana Screen- Project focuses on supporting Vicpsychplus with the development of a National strategy to develop and deliver the instrument across the all states and territories. Peiris consulting was also engaged to procure an exclusive license for distribution in the Commonwealth of Australia, all states and territories. Further, Peiris Consulting coordinated an extensive legal review of the instrument with international and local stakeholders.

The Diana Screen is an online risk-management tool that organisations can use to identify men and women who present sexual risks to children. The objective of The Diana Screen is to prevent those men and women from being placed in positions of trust in organisations with a child population, ultimately preventing sexual abuse and harm to children.

The Diana Screen consists of 120 questions and is intended to be used on applicants for prospective employment with organisations representing and/or populated by children. Furthermore, The Diana Screen can also be used on prospective volunteers who wish to provide volunteer services to organisations representing and /or populated by children.

In summary, The Diana Screen is a psychometric assessment instrument that targets sexual abusers and further information on the instrument can be sought through Vicpsychplus.