Corporate Profiling

Your companies profile is essential in defining who you are in the market. A well structure profile can set you a part from your competition and highlight the key differentiating factors of your business.

Corporate Profiling is a specialised service that supports your organisation in defining the services that you provide. Our organisation has assisted start-up to established companies in defining written content for website, brochures and tender documentation.

Our team of profilers goes beyond copywriting to develop a clear and detailed definition of your company that is targeted at your demographic audience. The services that you can expect to receive through Peiris Consulting would include:

1. Initial phone consultancy with clients to determine immediate company needs, and establish a foundational road map.
2. Completion of a face-to-face consultancy with a Corporate Profile at your business.
3. Your own personalized report that outlines your corporate profile for the development of a website or a brochure.
4. A debriefing with your consultant to understand the corporate profile that best matches your business.
5. Evaluation of your competitors content and design to position you as an industry leader.
6. Coaching and support to plan the next steps in developing this content.

Peiris Consulting has partners in Graphic Design, Web Design and Printing to provide you an all in one service for your business.