Career Coaching

Individual coaching sessions are defined as a one to one session with an individual that is seeking career exploration, transitioning into alternate forms of employment or been made redundant. Peiris Consulting has extensive experience in providing Career Coaching to individuals in the Job Services, WorkCover and Income Protection sector. We have provided consistency to large volumes of clients from major industries, supporting them in career and life transitions, which match their vocational profile.

Examples of the services that we provide include:

• Specialised consultancy services to students and parents, to support subject selection in VCE and promote long-term success to meet area’s of career growth.
• Specialised consultancy services to University Graduates, to facilitate transitions into employment through a variety or entry level pathways in the public and private sector
• Extensive research through our migrant support program, to assist new migrants entering the Australian Workforce, facilitating a smoother career transition into work.
• Working with clients that have been made redundant or have sustained an injury in the workplace and are seeking an alternate career pathway.
• Supporting individuals that want to pursue their own businesses, but need to establish a clear plan to transition into their own business.

At Peiris Consulting we use a combination of psychological testing and career coaching to help individuals realise their potential. Our team consists of qualified Psychologists who support clients in making career transitions and managing the psychological demands of entering a new work environment.

An example of a Career Coaching Program can include:

1. Initial consultancy with client or parent to discuss coaching needs and establish a foundational road map
2. Completion of an online psychological assessment of your vocational interests and abilities.
3. Consultation with your Career Coach to understand the careers that best match your interests and abilities.
4. Market research to advise you of the availability of suitable employment options in your field of interest, including communication to key employers in this area.
5. Evaluation of education and training required to gain entry into these occupations.
6. Your own personlised report that outlines your career profile, with a career plan where you can record and assess your progress towards achieving your career goals.
7. Coaching and support to plan the next steps in advancing your career.