Business Coaching

As a result of discussions with your business we design, develop, and deliver a professional development program. The program is designed at all stages of the talent management cycle and tailored to include psychological assessments to meet the needs of those employees within the company. The primary objective of a business-coaching program is to support the organisation in maximising the potential of key personnel.

The business-coaching program that we deliver can be defined by the following example:
1. Initial consultancy with the management team to define coaching need and establish outcomes
2. The delivery of face-to-face Business Coaching Program on a quarterly basis.
3. Psychometric reporting that outlines the individual’s competencies with coaching tips for management.
4. A candidate report, with a coaching plan and journal entry component that supports the coaching process.
5. Unlimited access to email consultancy to help support talent management at anytime by the employee during the life of the engagement.
6. Management Consultancy on a quarterly basis post career coaching session.

Peiris Consulting offers the flexibility to develop a range of programs to meet the development and wellbeing needs of employees in the organisation. In partnership with your business we see a unique opportunity to deliver these services to employees to improve the growth of your business.

The following section provides a guide to the Management team for the structure of the coaching session. A summary of the discussion from the coaching session will be provided to the management team in the Career Plan at the end of the session. This Career Plan can then be developed in subsequent coaching sessions. The GROW model is an interactive process and we will work closely with your management team to ensure that you are supported in providing ongoing coaching and developmental support to your staff.